From managing by numbers
to managing opportunities

We will show you and your team how to:

Managing opportunities step 1


Align your team to identify opportunities from the perspective of cash, organisation and brand.
Managing opportunities step 2


Create brand fans and get a clear vision on their value perception from the viewpoint of quality, cost and timing.
Managing opportunities step 3


Leverage your organisational threshold by improving sales process, marketing communication, team performance and network & partners.
Managing opportunities stap 4


Use your opportunities to evolve your organisation and learn how to fail fast and live up to your brand.


Two plus one day intensive workshop with plenty of hands-on, interactive and practical elements to ensure that you leave with an excellent knowledge on Seeing, Managing and Capitalising on your business opportunities and knowing what future steps to take in order to build your sustainable growth. Best to do as a group from the same company, say 6 to 12 people who hold multi-disciplines functions, are customer facing and are involved in helping you grow the business. Great for both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs alike.


Designed to give an excellent in-depth introduction to the subject. A half-day experience for you in a lecture-style setting usually for about 20 to 30 people at a time. Good to go to as an individual seeking to know more on the subject or interested to discuss your situation with the ambassadors on hand who will be happy to listen to and comment on your challenges. Great for entrepreneurs.

The Managing Opportunities Workshop is great for start-ups where people are fresh and trying to understand how their business model will work going forward. It is also really helpful for existing businesses as you tend to get stuck in the rut of your day-to-day activities. The Workshop gets you inspired, teaches you to embrace change and gives you a brand new perspective on your business opportunities. We as a company want to maintain our growth. It has certainly worked for us.

Paula Scully Regional Business Manager at Hologic