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Managing Opportunities Mobile App

Capture & share your bright ideas

The free Managing Opportunities app helps you to capture all the ideas that are alive but not yet kicking in your company. Get the app and share your small and big improvements, inventions, sales opportunities, trends and visionary perspectives with your team and start to grow your business by selecting the right opportunities at the right time!

Managing Opportunities Tool

Take control 

Extend the mobile app with the desktop version for your organisation, including a reporting dashboard. Start to learn faster than your competitors by managing your best next steps in an uncertain environment! With the Managing Opportunities way of working you constantly improve business development and innovation in a way your customers become brand fans.

Managing Opportunities Workshop

Involve your team

To give your team the ultimate kick-start to the managing opportunities way of working we offer hands-on working sessions with plenty of interactive and practical elements. Your team will leave this get-together with an excellent understanding on how to see, select and manage business opportunities and they’ll know what future steps to take in order to built sustainable growth.

Managing Opportunities whitepaper

Read about our vision 

Do you need to grow your business and are you looking for the best way to do so? How do you know that you make the right choices when expanding your business? Do you want to plan for expansion but not de-focus your people? Are you struggling to get your board convinced of new opportunities you are enthusiastic about? Does your company and your team have the right entrepreneurial mindset? Go with us on a trip from managing by numbers to managing opportunities!

We are

Managing Opportunities is the offspring of lots of conversations between Mike, Maarten & Rosemarie. Conversations on entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, optimising sales, people development and building strong and loveable brands. We combined all our expertise, knowledge and thoughts on doing business in unpredictable markets.

As the whole world is unpredictable we are serving you with a program that doesn’t provide the answers but helps you start and conduct the dialogue about business opportunities within your company. We give you a platform and tools to build a confident and future ready organisation.


Brand, Business & People Development

Rosemarie is a Rotterdam based brand strategist, futurist and author. With a background in advertising I am a firm believer that nowadays competitive advantage can only be reached by being entrepreneurial and agile.
I use the vast unleashed power and uniqueness of a companies’ people, culture and values – identity – to make a difference to and connecting with their audience. My practices and expertise are utilised to speed up change management processes and sales. I am a warm and enthusiastic individual provoking people and organisations to act on impact.
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Sales, Business Development & ICT

Located in Rotterdam (NL) and specialised in marketing and sales alignment. Started my career as an entrepreneur and still enjoying that every day, with my team at MarketingXpress. I’m creative, self-taught and a bit of a perfectionist.
Connect, innovate, listening and structuring plans is what I’m good at. Creating opportunities and maximising impact with upcoming talent, young professionals and people with years of experience is what I do. Entrepreneurship inspires me, with marketing as my background.


Marketing, Sales & Business Development

Located in Brussels. Focus is on the sales and marketing alignment between your chosen strategy, internal processes and people. Assignments range from leadership coaching and mentoring, training workshop development and delivery, new market entry planning and implementation, sales channel assessment, development as well as hands-on product selling.
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